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Sixth Grade Brochure

Sixth Grade Brochure

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S ixth graders are a unique bunch of kids. I call sixth grade the "Cupcake Year." At the beginning of the year, just like in fifth grade, the students with fall birthdays are glad to have their parents bring cupcakes to class and celebrate. But by the end of the year, the students with spring birthdays are not so sure they want their parents bringing birthday treats to school—it's a little too elementary for them. This is the journey that sixth graders take in a year, and it reflects the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development happening within each child. It's a great and exciting year, and it takes a special educational plan to teach these children-going-on-adolescents well. That's why sixth grade at Trinity has always been a transitional year, a hinge year between our Lower School and our middle grades. We have worked hard to create a special faculty, space, pace, and curriculum for this unique grade of children at Trinity. Since 2007 the sixth grade has been the crowning year of our Lower School program. Trinity's sixth grade year looks back toward the lower grades and forward toward the middle grades. We look forward to exploring this vision of education for your sixth grader. Sincerely, Chip Denton, Headmaster Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill SIXTH GRADE

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